“I don’t have enough time.”

Ah, the most commonly used excuse to not workout.  I’m definitely guilty of it at times, and then I feel bad for skipping a workout and lazing on the couch.  It’s like they say – the time will pass anyway!  Why not make it productive and work your way to a healthier, stronger you?

Here are some ways to veto that excuse and become a lean, mean, fit machine!

1)  Do a quick session as soon as you wake up – nothing works better as a waker uper than a morning workout!  Fasted cardio is recommended to speed up weight loss, so hop on a bike or take your dog for a run first thing in the morning.

2)  Exercise on your lunch hour – this way you don’t have to wake up any earlier and it doesn’t take time away from your evenings after work.  I do this 1-3x a week, and then when I get home from work, it feels as satisfying as a rest day!  This also helps me spend less on my lunch hours (because I don’t go shopping nor buy lunch) and I end up eating healthier (because I bring my prepped meals to save time).

3)  Take the stairs or walk the escalator whenever possible – and it’s almost always possible.  There’s something a little empowering about walking the stairs or escalators while everyone else just stands there…plus it gives a nice booty burn.

4)  Workout as soon as you get home from work – otherwise laziness or distractions will get the best of you, and then you’ll miss your workout for the day.  Plus, if you workout right away, your dinner will taste that much better!

5)  Find a workout buddy – schedule in workouts with someone who will keep you accountable and who you can’t bail on.  This also makes working out more fun, and then you have company so you can try exercises you wouldn’t normally try alone and a spotter so you can lift heavier than you normally would!

6)  Increase the weight and intensity – if time is limited but you want results, lift heavier weights, run faster, and do whatever it takes to get your heart rate up and that sweat dripping.  Super-sets (ie: 2 exercises back-to-back x 4 sets) and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) are great ways to get ‘er done in a short amount of time.

7)  Plan your workouts – schedule them in your calendar and plan out your routine.  You could potentially do just 3 resistance/weight training sessions a week with 3 LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) cardio sessions, such as power walking or light biking, and see some great results!  If you plan out your workout routine, you can make sure you’re focussing on every muscle group at least once per week.

8)  Think of REASONS to workout instead of excuses not to – and here are just a few:

  • To improve your mood and feel happier – exercise releases endorphins!
  • To gain strength and muscle mass/toning
  • To achieve goals and beat PRs (Personal Records)
  • To stay healthy for your kids
  • To be a role model and inspire your family and friends
  • To feel younger and slow the effects of ageing
  • To reduce your risk of cancer and other health problems
  • For a better sleep
  • For an energy recharge
  • To feel more confident
  • To be more productive at work
  • To fit in certain clothing better
  • To rock that bikini at the beach

If that doesn’t motivate you even a bit then…well, it must have 🙂 So what will your next step be in creating a healthier, stronger version of you?



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