Working Out on Vacation…?!


20151207_085734On just about all my vacations that took place during a health binge, I would INTEND to workout but never ever did.  I might have visited the hotel gym, gotten on a couple machines, but never broke a sweat or built any muscle.

While visiting Oahu in December, I pushed past that subconscious belief that I should just be “relaxing” while on vacation and shouldn’t bother exercising.  In addition to swimming in the ocean and running around the beach with my 3-year old niece, I got active FOUR times in seven days – yay, me!

My boyfriend & I went on a run one morning and got to explore the neighbourhood we were staying in.  We even found an outdoor playground/gym so we did a bunch of bodyweight exercises on the bars – chin ups, tricep dips, push ups, etc.

IMG-20151208-WA0035The next day, we did a little hike to Manoa Falls – easy and insanely gorgeous hike.  We got drenched by the downpour on our way down, which added to the “rainforest” ambiance and made it really fun.  We got to admire all sorts of beautiful tropical plants, witness where Jurassic Park and Lost were filmed, enjoy the waterfall at the top, and explore the trail without it being packed with tourists.  Highly recommend!

Day after that, we hiked Diamond Head – moderate-difficulty hike with amazing views of Honolulu.  There were stairs to challenge us and while we waited for family, I did push ups across the railings, as shown on my IG @xosheenalouie.  (Side note – you can bring your kids on this hike.  A few TripAdvisor reviews warn not to bring kids because there are really difficult parts, but there are two routes to take once you almost reach the top – ramps & normal stairs outside, or steep old stairs through the middle.  We saw all ages hiking by foot, from toddlers to grandmas with canes!)  Loved this hike and consider it a must-do when you’re in Honolulu.

On our second to last day, we visited UFC Gym Honolulu!  This was one of my highlights of the trip.  Massive gym, the best equipment, and UFC Legends posted all along the walls.  I hope they open one in Vancouver one day!

Staying active on my vacation made me feel PROUD, more ENERGIZED, highly MOTIVATED, and definitely EMPOWERED.  Because I committed to working out and actually stuck to it, I felt so good inside and out, and proved to myself that I am about that lifestyle.

You can make all excuses in the world not to workout during a vacation, but deep down you know that there’s always a way and you’ll feel amazing when you do.  Get creative with your workout – do bodyweight workouts or lift household items as weights, do an outdoor workout, mimic resistance training with a buddy, incorporate a workout into your sightseeing adventures, etc.  The possibilities are endless, my friends!


Share your vacay fitness ideas in the comments below, or let me know where you’re travelling to next and I can provide some hot tips!



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