What Our Skin is Telling Us

There are sooooooooo many beauty products out there that try and fix us topically, but why not remedy ourselves from the INSIDE so that the issues stop occurring?  Sure, I believe in quick fixes like calendula cream and my TCM ointment to calm my eczema or that hardcore spot treatment that zaps pimples overnights…but wouldn’t it be nice for those issues to not happen in the first place?

I used to have severe eczema, and I mean severe.  I went to 5 different skin doctors and tried several different prescription creams, and it took until the 5th one to finally heal the open wounds on my face.  I was prescribed Elocom – it healed my skin but also thinned it out and made it 10x more sensitive.  STAY CLEAR OF ELOCOM, it is very damaging to the skin and should’ve never been prescribed for my face especially.  I continued to use it unknowingly, to keep those embarrassing eczema flare ups at bay.  Right after that cleared up, I started to get really bad acne all over my face.  I just couldn’t catch a break!  I tried Proactiv and medicated creams, but I was just damaging my skin some more and allowing more chemicals into my system.  My doctor put me on a birth control pill to help control my oil glands, and that finally helped, but I didn’t want to rely on a daily pill.  This all happened during my teen years and into my adulthood, creating a huge lack of self-esteem growing up.

Since I started cleaning up my diet and getting more active, my skin has improved incredibly!  Up close, my skin is still very thin and scarred, but nothing a little makeup can’t cover.  I barely ever get eczema or acne breakouts now!  When I do, I know why – it’s usually because of certain foods I ate (dairy and deep fried will do it for me), binge drinking, using products that clog my pores, or a friendly reminder that that time of the month is near.

Our skin reacts to certain things in certain ways, and it’s trying to tell us so we can deal with it.  If we learn to listen to it and nurture our bodies, we will see a massive improvement in our overall health and we’ll look and feel incredible!

I don’t just owe my new-found skin health to my diet.  Two other HUGE contributing factors were my Naturopathic doctors and a book called “Heal Your Face“.

I’ve seen two Naturopathic doctors, because my original went on mat leave, and I love them both!  They both really take the time to learn about my skin and health concerns and then give me what I need to improve in that area.  I took a blood allergy test ($200+) to find out what foods I’m sensitive to and that was well worth the money.  I’m now aware of which foods I should avoid to prevent bloating, upset stomachs, skin issues, lack of energy, etc.  And I’ve also been equipped with great tools, product recommendations and supplements to heal myself!  If you’re in the Lower Mainland, I highly recommend Dr Natalie.

The book, “Heal Your Face”, I actually borrowed from my Chiropractor who almost acts as my Naturopath too!  He thrives on a raw diet and has a bookshelf full of health-related books and DVDs that he lends out to clients.  This book is packed with information on nutrition, natural supplements, herbs, etc.  It makes sense out of reactions you find on your body (ie: pimples, rashes, eye bags, facial lines, etc) and shares with you what your body is trying to tell you.  I highly recommend giving this a read!

I write this post because I want to share what I know and try to help others who are also dealing with ongoing skin issues, but I am nowhere near having perfect skin.  My skin is thinned out and damaged from what it’s been through, but I’m thankful that my skin health is gradually improving and that I have the knowledge and tools to keep my breakouts at bay.

Do you have any skin concerns you’d like some support with, or skin tips you’d like to share?



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