Coconut Oil Uses

After reading this post, those giant tubs of Coconut Oil at Costco won’t seem so ridiculous.  There are ENDLESS uses for Coconut Oil, and I’m sure there are still more to be discovered that haven’t already been shared on the world wide web.

Uses for Coconut Oil:

  1. Skin moisturizer
  2. Eye makeup remover (apply with cotton pad and wipe away)
  3. Sunscreen (avoid the burn and get a nice bronzey colour)
  4. Coffee creamer (some call it Bulletproof Coffee)
  5. Support healthy thyroid function
  6. Cooking oil
  7. Homemade lotion or body scrub recipes
  8. Soothe eczema and other rashes
  9. Lip balm
  10. Heal skin after injury or infection
  11. Hair mask
  12. Natural personal lubricant
  13. Help treat acne
  14. Natural deodorant
  15. For oil pulling
  16. Moisturize cuticles
  17. Increase mental alertness
  18. Reduce allergies/itchiness for dogs
  19. Butter replacement
  20. Massage oil
  21. Polish leather
  22. Shaving cream
  23. Aromatherapy
  24. Popcorn topper
  25. Soothe bug bites or bee stings
  26. Ease your sore throat
  27. Improve circulation
  28. Anti-aging facial moisturizer
  29. Remove rust (apply, let sit for 2 hrs, rinse with warm water, wipe)
  30. Tattoo moisturizer and healer
  31. Unstick a zipper
  32. Grease hinges or bike chains

And if you search on Google, you will find countless lists of other uses.  People can get very creative with this amazing do-it-all product!

PhotoGrid_1454302161485The best type to get is Virgin Coconut Oil, or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  There is no difference between “Virgin” and “Extra Virgin”…it’s just marketing trickery, that’s all.  So either one will do just fine!  Also, if you’re interested in taking MCT Oil for its health benefits, you can alternatively purchase Liquid Coconut Oil if you find it at a better price (my mind was blown when I discovered this)…they’re the same in the way that they just had the lauric acid removed.  I’m still working on understanding the benefits and the differences between using MCT Oil/Liquid Coconut Oil VS Pure Virgin Coconut Oil, so stay tuned for that in a later post.


Now go lather yourself up in some delicious Coconut Oil and reap the benefits!



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