Healthy vs. Clever Packaging

I used to think I was eating healthy by choosing food that had “100 Calorie” or “Low Fat” or “Gluten-Free” on the packaging.  Was I ever fooled!  All these companies that are advertising to be low cal and healthy for you are likely using other crappy, filler ingredients with no nutrients.  Beware of labels like this.

Smart-Ones-Three-Cheese-Ziti-MarinaraYou have no idea how many SmartOnes frozen lunches I used to have.  A couple bucks for a healthy lunch??  Yes please!  …little did I know it was eating garbage and not fueling my body with nutrients at all.

Instead of looking for packaging that offers low calorie/fat/sodium foods, opt for wholesome foods that you get to prepare yourself.  That way you know exactly what’s in it and it’ll be less processed…and you can make more nutritious and delicious than they ever could.

Worried about convenience?  Meal prep every Sunday.  My boyfriend & I have it scheduled for every Sunday evening, without fail.  We’ll prepare 3-4 lunches for the week, protein for dinners as well as snacks.  For dinner, we’ll take the protein and pair it with yams, fried rice, noodles, salad or soup and a ton of freshly steamed veggies!  We never tire of it because we can always tweak the recipe, the seasoning, and the ingredients.  This makes eating SO much more enjoyable, healthy, and fun!

I hope this helps you avoid getting tricked by consumerism and inspires you to eat and prepare foods that will benefit you while making your tummy happy.



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