Love Yourself

20160103_152011-01What better day to talk about loving yourself than on Valentines Day!  Today is not just about showing your significant other some love, it’s about showing YOURSELF some love too.  We must never forget that we are number one.  In the end, how we treat others comes down to how we feel about ourselves.

Loving yourself comes easy for some, and is really difficult for others.  And to be completely real with you guys, I created this section of my blog to not only inspire you, but to also enhance the relationship with myself.  This is something I struggle with from time to time and I’d like to share what helps get me grounded again.

Catch Yourself – Try to stop yourself in your tracks when the negative self-talk comes rolling in.  Acknowledge it, and move on.  Nothing good comes from criticizing and being mean to yourself.

Affirmations – These are seriously magical.  Write them on a colourful Post-It and put it up where you’ll see it and read it DAILY.  Remember to write them out in present tense – for example “I am healthy, happy, and beautiful.”  Feel free to use this one, ’cause you are.

Gratitude Journal – While writing out all the things that make you feel blessed, remember to give yourself credit too.  Show thanks for all your accomplishments, qualities, and efforts…don’t be shy, list everything that makes you your awesome self!

“Me” Time – Having time to yourself is key.  Whether it’s setting aside time to laze around in your underwear watching Netflix, reading a good book, , pampering yourself at the spa, going for a workout, or just knocking stuff off your To-Do list, it’s very important to give yourself this opportunity to be with yourself and do things for yourself only.  I personally feel like it gives me control and allows me to recalibrate for whatever’s coming up.

Talk to Yourself – As awkward as this may seem, looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself “I love you” can be extremely powerful.  Try this – look yourself straight in the eyes and speak kindly, just like you show appreciation and affection to all your loved ones.

Try a few of these today, be your own Valentine, and love yourself ❤




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