Kirkland Borghese Revitalizing Face Serum

20160214_125130-01I’ve been on a hunt for a good serum lately, because my girl at SKN Clinic recommended it to help keep my skin well hydrated and keep it balanced.  I’ve tried a few – Skin Addix DailyFix from SKN Clinic, Arbonne Calm Facial Serum, Kate Somerville Quench Face Serum, and this Kirkland Serum.

Today, I’ll share my review on the Kirkland Serum!


  • Nice packaging
  • Good price, $24.99 from Costco Canada
  • Hydrating, good for dry skin
  • Minimal fragrance
  • Plant-derived ingredients, providing antioxidants
  • Great return policy


  • Oily feel, not in a good way
  • Feels heavy, would only want to use in the evening
  • Clogged pores and caused me to break out

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this product because it made me break out…but I do have very sensitive and acne-prone skin, so maybe it’s just me.  It did feel very hydrating and I can see it benefiting someone with very dry skin.  Could be worth a try, since you can return it to Costco no problem.

Stay tuned for reviews on the other serums!



One thought on “Kirkland Borghese Revitalizing Face Serum

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