Good Bye, Car Snacks

Guys, I have a confession…

Some of you may have already seen this on my Instagram, but I’m setting this in stone here!

Ever since I started driving to work, I’ve gotten into a habit of snacking in the car to keep myself occupied and awake on the 1-hr commute each way. It started off as small, light snacks or healthy bars and progressed into bags of junk food and chocolate…and I would munch out even if I wasn’t hungry!


I bought this bag of Bugles snack mix on my way home earlier this week and polished it off on my drive home the following day. I did not feel good about it whatsoever. My stomach felt gross and I felt guilty as hell.  All my hard work at the gym felt wasted, there was no justifying it.  I could push super hard at the gym and do tons of HIIT cardio, but if my diet isn’t clean, I won’t get the abs I want.

So EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, I am giving up car snacks! Instead, I will have a shake, fruit or nuts before leaving work and equip myself with refreshing ice water for the road!

Mark my words.

…because what you eat in private is what you wear in public!

What is ONE unhealthy habit you are willing to give up (maybe not “willing”, but know you should give up) to help you reach your health or fitness goals?  Email me at and I’d be happy to be your accountability buddy!  Let’s get healthy together.



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