Nivea Soft Cream & Lip Butter

I have a new love for Nivea products, guys!  Though I have only tried a couple, they have become my daily essentials.  I won’t bother listing the Pros & Cons like I normally do, because I have zero complaints about these products!


Nivea Refreshing Soft Cream (for face, body and hands)
This lightweight lotion can be used all over, from head to toe.  I can put this on before driving and it’ll absorb fast without any greasy residue.  And though this product isn’t natural or vegan, I like that it barely uses any ingredients so it will be more gentle and safe to use.  I have small travel sized ones in all my purses, and a big tub of it in my desk drawer.  It’s an amazing lotion, especially for a drugstore product.

Nivea Lip Butter
This lip balm is my holy grail!  I first discovered it at Dollarama (yes, a dollar store and for only $2!!) in December when my lips were hopelessly chapped.  I had tried several different lip treatments, including $9-35 ones from Sephora.  Some would work for a bit but then my lips got bad again.  It was the kind of chapped where they were red and burning…brutal.  I gave this Lip Butter a try because why not for $2…and it provided instant soothing!  By the end of the day, my lips were moisturized and had stopped burning.  Since then, my lips have not felt chapped once and they feel softer than ever.  Seriously.  I HIGHLY recommend this product.

What other Nivea products have you tried and which ones do you love?



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