Dairy-Free Options

So you’ve just found out you’re lactose-intolerant or sensitive to dairy, or maybe you have decided to cut it out of your diet for health reasons…whatever the reason, here are some great alternatives to fill that void while making your tummy very happy!

I was inspired to write this post because I witnessed the most depressed customer at Pomme the other day.  She had just found out she was lactose-intolerant and felt like her world just got flipped upside down.  Her bill came to over $250, which we can assume was mostly retail therapy, because we all know that lactose-free alternatives can be more expensive but not THAT much more expensive.  If only she had read a blog like this that would’ve shown her how amazing the dairy-free world really is!

Almond Milk
I buy a box of unsweetened Blue Diamond almond milk from Costco and use it in my shakes all the time.  It’s a great substitute and source of calcium!  Perfect to substitute for milk or cream in your coffee, baking, etc.

Nutritional Yeast
Great substitute for cheese, and loaded with benefits!  Click HERE for a yummy and healthy pasta recipe.  You will be hooked!  I heard it’s also great sprinkled on popcorn.

Lactose-Free Gouda
I buy the Anco Cheeses brand.  They have several different flavours but I like the regular light one.  It’s delicious on crackers and melted over homemade pizza or pasta.  It melts very nicely!  (I really don’t like Daiya cheese as it burns/dries before it melts and tastes extremely artificial.)

Cocoa Powder
It’s dairy-free and a perfect way to add chocolate flavouring to anything.  I use it in my protein shakes and oatmeal to add some flavour.  It’s not sweet and a tad on the bitter side, so you can add some honey if necessary…but I find it good as it is.

The best snack bar, in my opinion.  They literally use only 4-6 ingredients.  For example, my favourite Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip only contains dates, peanuts, chocolate chips and sea salt.  You know exactly what you’re eating!  Amazing.  You can find these for a great deal at Costco – a box of half Peanut Butter, half PB Chocolate Chip.

Coconut Bliss Ice Cream
Craving dessert?  This ice cream is amazing!  They have several delicious flavours and my top favourites would probably be Salted Caramel & Chocolate, Mint Galactica, and Chocolate Peanut Butter.  Check out Superstore for the cheapest price, around $6 per tub.

There are also tons of yummy dairy-free yogurts, cakes, ice creams, etc.  You just need to find the one you like!  Just keep in mind that “dairy-free” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy…there’s still sugar, and some products are tricky and will use less healthy ingredients as substitutes.  Be sure to read the label or buy from places that use pure ingredients.

I recently discovered Edible Flours, which is a vegan bakery.  Everything is made without dairy and eggs, and some items are even gluten free!  If you weren’t told, you wouldn’t even notice.  The chocolate cake and cookie sandwiches that I’ve had from there are amazing.

What are your favourite dairy-free recipes or products?



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