I Think I Like Who I’m Becoming

Not very long ago, I had several dreams and desires…without any action plans. I wanted to inspire and share things through a blog, I wanted to improve my overall health, I wanted to get super duper fit, I wanted to learn to be more confident, and I wanted to live an exciting, fulfilling life.

By putting my focus on myself and learning to do things for me, I am finally putting those things into action. I launched my blog earlier this year and even started to vlog this past weekend (didn’t see that coming!!). I’ve been seeing my naturopath to get my health in order and eating healthy, nutritious foods. I’ve been participating in monthly fitness challenges that come with a workout & meal plan, and it’s kept me consistent and motivated at the gym; I’ve also very recently decided to compete next Spring and that scares the shit out of me but I’m committed. I’ve been reading and listening to personal growth books to improve my self esteem and by doing all of the above, my confidence is naturally improving. And again, by doing all of the above, my life has a ton of excitement and fulfillment; I get so much out of challenging myself, experiencing new things, and inspiring all of you.


I write this post because I want you all to know that as long as you truly WANT it and as long as you PLAN, you can do anything.

Email me at xo@sheenalouie.com to goal set and start putting your plans into action. Free of charge 😉 Let’s succeed together!



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