My Skincare Regimen

More product details and a few corrections to what I said in the video are below:

Acne breakouts – I just discovered this week that peanut butter is another cause of my breakouts so I’m going back to almond butter.

Marcelle Micellar Water – $20
(sometimes you can find it with 30% larger bottles for the same price or with a travel sized bonus gift)
Also, Micellar is pronounced “mi-cel-ar” haha Don’t copy my pronunciation from the video.

Thayer’s Lavender Witch Hazel Toner – $14
Recommended to me by my naturopath who has amazing skin. This can be found at most health food stores.

Nivea Q10 Serum – $14 for 2-pk from Costco

Skin Addix Daily Fix Serum – $65

Serums – Reverse what I said about how many pumps I use for each. Hehe, oops. Also, I think the Skin Addix serum is better quality not because of the price being higher but because of what it does and how it feels.

Skin Addix Mint Blast Tonic – $45
As mentioned in my video, it exfoliates. What I forgot to mention is that it also helps fight bacteria so this is great if you’re acne-prone.

Skin Addix After Glow Replenishing Oil – $65

Arbonne Calm Gentle Daily Moisturizer – $46

Essential oils – cost varies
Lavender is good for eczema and calming the skin, it’s tea tree oil that is good for acne. However, moisturizing with essential oils can help balance your skin to reduce acne breakouts.

Arbonne Clear Future Soothing Overnight Mask – $41

Arbonne RE9 Overnight Hydration Mask
Apologies, I just discovered this product is no longer available online but if you can somehow get your hands on it, worth trying!


Skin Addix – I mentioned Skin Addix a few times and I didn’t realize how many of their products I own and use regularly until filming this video. They’re available from the lovely ladies at SKN Clinic ( in Yaletown. Be sure to check out their monthly facial/treatment specials as some include products or can even partially be claimed by extended health! Amazing.

Arbonne – I also mentioned Arbonne a few times and I have a lot of their products because I used to do the business. It’s a prestigious vegan skincare company with a wide range of skincare, cosmetics and nutrition. I still love and use several of their products because they work best on my super sensitive skin. You can view all the products online at


If you have any questions about the above products or would like to share which skincare products work well for you, please leave a comment below πŸ™‚ I’d love to hear from you!



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