Glory Juice


I’ve been craving an Acai Bowl since returning from Hawaii in December.  I didn’t know we had it here in Vancouver so I’d try to make my own smoothie bowl at home (blend mixed frozen berries with almond milk, top with granola and a banana), but it still wasn’t quite right.  Then all of a sudden I started hearing of local juiceries and smoothie bars serving up Acai Bowls – hallelujah!

Took me awhile but I finally made it down to Glory Juice on 2nd Ave in Vancouver.  They said their most popular is the “Nuts” Acai Bowl (below) and I have no doubt that it is.  Just look at it!


My Review

Glory Juice Co. – The server wasn’t that friendly, I expected a bit more for such a bright, happy, health-inducing place…but maybe she was having an off day.  The price is also a little high, though I think it’s comparable to all other juiceries offering Acai Bowls in the area.  They have an amazing selection of juices and other products, I’m definitely interested in going back to try them.  I’m also interested in their nut butter, made in house!

Acai Bowl – Enjoyed EVERY bite!  The smoothie stayed frozen enough until the last bite.  The granola was not only on top but also within the smoothie, and stayed crunchy.  There was a perfect balance of every ingredient so that I could have a slice of banana, a chunk of granola and a scoop of acai smoothie in every bite.  This bowl is a must-try!

Have you found amazing Acai Bowls in Vancouver?  Do tell!



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