Fast & Simple Meal Prep

Approximate prep/cook times:

Oatmeal – 5 min

Yams – 2 min prep, 25 min steam

Chicken – 2 min prep, 20 min bake at 450

Zucchini – 2 min prep, 8 min bake at 350

Because everything is steamed or baked, rather than stir fried, I can go do other things while they cook.

Meal prepping is easier than you may think – plan it out, bake/steam most of your dishes, and keep to simple recipes.

Also, meal prepping will save you a ton of money. All of this cost only $18 and made 5 lunches!

Other healthy ideas:

Carbs – brown rice, baked potato, Mary’s crackers

Protein – ground turkey, white fish

Veggies – baked broccoli, steamed kale, spinach salad

What are your favourite meal prep recipes?



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