Gluten-Free Options

Being on a Gluten-Free diet has become kind of a fad.  More and more people are jumping on board for health reasons, and some are realizing they have a food sensitivity to it or have celiac disease.  Whatever the reason, I’m here to make it easier!  Here’s a list of delicious, healthy alternatives for foods that often contain gluten.

Flavouring Sauces:
Bragg’s Soy Alternative
San-J GF Sauces – Tamari, Szechuan, Teriyaki, Thai Peanut, etc.
Chili Oil
Sesame Oil

Grimm’s GF Pepperoni Sticks

Silver Hills

Rice Noodles
Tapioca Noodles
Yam or Sweet Potato Noodles

Brown Rice Pasta
Quinoa Pasta

Other Carbs:
Rice (Brown or White)
Yams or Sweet Potatoes

Edible Flours Bakery
GF Cookies
GF Gummy Candies

And like I mentioned in my “Dairy-Free Options” post, just because it says gluten-free doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy and good for you.  Read what’s on the package as many gluten free snacks substitute with very artificial ingredients, some that could even hinder your health.  Just something to be aware of 🙂

What are some of your favourite Gluten-Free foods or restaurants?





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