“Healthy” Comes in all Forms

There are so many opinions on social media about being healthy and fit, so I’d like to share my two cents.

Being healthy and fit does NOT necessarily mean being slim.  Though that may be the goal for some, others could be very healthy and strong while looking completely different.  Society has made us think that being a Barbie stick figure is how we need to look to be considered fit and sexy.  There is all this “fat-shaming” and “muscle-shaming” going around, and it’s just so sad.  It’s bullying, really.  And I think it is really a form of insecurity and jealousy…those who are hating are just trying to make themselves feel better, in a very destructive way.

Being healthy and fit DOES mean taking care of your body, so you can live a long life with ease, keep feeling youthful, and exude confidence.  If you don’t take care of yourself, you could end up with many health issues as you get older, resulting in more medical bills, possible diseases, difficulty getting around, family having to take care of you more than you’ll ever know, etc.  By eating well and exercising regularly, you are keeping your mind, your heart, and your body in great health.

So it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are.  Just take good care of yourself, live a healthy life, and do whatever the f*ck makes you happy!  It all comes down to self-compassion and loving yourself.


For me personally, the type of lifestyle that makes me happy is…

  • Staying active (can’t get enough of those endorphins!)
  • Crushing fitness goals (keeps me motivated and driven everyday)
  • Eating well (diet plays a huge role in our emotional/mental well-being)
  • A balanced life (to reduce stress and be able to eat/see/do everything I want to eat/see/do)

So this is why I choose to share a multitude of topics on my blog (fitness, nutrition, self care, etc)…and hopefully it inspires you along the way!



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