Teppan Kitchen


Teppan Kitchen opened in Harbour Centre a few months ago and I regret not going sooner.  All those meals where I could have been devouring curry beef brisket, grilled pepper steak, and hainanese chicken…sigh.  You can probably see where this review is going but let me elaborate.

I’ve been to their Aberdeen location in Richmond before and loved that my meal was served on a skillet – adds to the experience and keeps the food hot and fresh.  The thing that’s unique about their Harbour Centre location in Downtown though, is that they also serve Hainanese Chicken!  And the thing that’s special about their Hainanese Chicken is that it’s BONELESS!  That was a huge selling point to me because I don’t enjoy the hassle of having to eat around the bone, plus I tend to waste a lot of meet when it’s bone-in.

Let’s do a breakdown of my meal…

20160616_162131.jpgLemon Iced Tea – Quite possibly the best I’ve had.  Whenever I get them in restaurants, I usually have to ask for the sweetener on the side because they always way add to much.  I believe Teppan’s is pre-made by the pitcher, and they use just the right amount of sweetener.

Hainanese Chicken – Again, BONELESS.  Extremely tender and not dry at all.  Flavour was perfect too – not too bland, not too strong.  I also usually eat my chicken skinless to avoid fat, so I was pleased that it was easy to take off and that there wasn’t much underlying fat.  I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken!

Chicken Rice – I love chicken rice flavouring and sometimes work it into my meal prep when I want to change it up.  The flavour was good and the portion was generous (I only ate about half), but it was a tad on the dry side.

Cucumbers – These were more so a garnish but I wish the dish came with more…because veggies are good for you, and these cucumbers were so refreshing!  Lucky for me, I went with a friend who despises cucumbers so I was able to have his (Thanks, Jay!).

Service – All the dishes are made to order so they come out fresh!  At lunch peak times, there will be a wait, but there’s an ample amount of staff to keep it moving as efficiently as possible.  Also, I believe they’re open until 6:00pm so that’s enough time to pick it up after work and bring it home for dinner, which is exactly what I plan to do one day because my Grandma LOVES Hainanese Chicken.

Here’s a closer look at the deliciousness that is the “Hainanese Chicken with Chicken Rice”.


Overall, I enjoyed the Teppan Kitchen’s Hainanese Chicken and will 100% be back again.  Perhaps I could sub half rice for more cucumbers?

If you work in the Downtown area, you need to make your way down to Harbour Centre’s food court to give this place a try.  You won’t regret it!




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