#xoSLfit – Bodyweight Workout

Try this full body workout routine. No equipment required, and no excuses accepted (except maybe injuries)!

Don’t have time? It’ll only take you half an hour.
Don’t have space? If you can plank anywhere on your floor, you have enough space.
Don’t have equipment? Again, no equipment required! πŸ™‚


Push Ups x max reps
Supermans x 10 reps
Diamond Push Ups x max reps
Walkouts x 10 reps
Squat Jacks x 20 reps
Single Leg deadlifts x 10 per side
Curtsy Lunges w/ bounce x 10 per side
Plank x 60 secs

Repeat 3x
Take a 30 sec break between each circuit

The above exercises can be made easier or harder. Push ups on knees, lift a leg, go deeper, etc. Be sure to push yourself!

You should be dripping sweat by the end of it and your muscles will be shaking. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!



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