Cherry Berry Self-Serve Yogurt Bar


A new froyo place opened up in Coquitlam recently, so naturally, I had to try it out.  For your guys’ sake…you know, quality assurance.

What did I think of it?  First impression – I thought it was a very cute shop.  Bright colours, happy music, friendly service, and lots of seating.  They had several flavours of frozen yogurt and I appreciated how they were all categorized.  I headed straight to the dairy-free sorbet and picked out raspberry sorbet and peach sorbet.  Deliciously refreshing!



After selecting my sorbet, I moved on to the toppings.  You might find this weird but I am totally down for sweet, chocolatey and even peanut buttery toppings on fruity sorbet.  I’ve just come to see it as the norm when I get froyo, even though I don’t normally like to mix fruits and chocolate.  This is just different.  The toppings I used were skor, rice crispies, peanut butter M&M’s, mini Reece’s, mochi, lychee poppers, and a mini rice crispy square (and I was impressed that it was soft and chewy!).


Just look at that deliciousness!

Needless to say, I was quite pleased with the variety of their frozen yogurts/sorbets and their toppings.  I was comparing it to Qoola and Menchie’s, and I’d say they are worthy competitors!  It’s a great place for sit-down froyo with family and friends, as there is lots of seating…including kid-friendly seating which I’ve demonstrated here! lol Oh yeah, and they’re open until 10:00pm…that’s late for Coquitlam 😉


Right now, they’re giving out coupons for your next visit.  Should definitely check them out soon; you won’t regret it!




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