Plan for Success


Planning plays a huge role in reaching your health and fitness goals.  I notice a significant difference when I try to play by ear through the week.  I start feeling lazy and unmotivated, I end up spending more on dining out, I don’t eat as well and end up feeling guilty or sluggish, I skip my workouts, I lack energy, I get less things done in general…and it just spirals downhill.  But when I plan out my week and follow it for the most part (it’s okay if you don’t stick to your plan 100%), I am productive, I feel energetic, I feel healthier inside and look healthier outside, I make progress towards my fitness goals, I can inspire others…and it just gets better from there!  Planning helps you gain momentum towards positive changes in your life.


Every week (I recommend Sundays), get into the habit of doing the following:

  • Meal Prep – Plan out your week’s meals/snacks on paper, and then prepare them for the week!  “Prepare” as in cook, divvy, and pack them up so they’re ready to go.  Keep it simple so that it’s less overwhelming, or change it up if you need variety – cater it in a way that is maintainable and enjoyable for you.  Also, if you take supplements, organize and schedule those as well so that you take them consistently.
  • Workouts – Schedule your workouts.  Decide what you will do each day – whether it’s train a certain muscle group each day, boot camp, spin class, yoga, kickboxing, etc.  Be specific and put it in your calendar to hold yourself accountable.
  • Goals/Focuses – Grab your planner or some post-its and write down affirmations, goals, focuses, inspiring quotes, and everything awesome that you want to attract into your life!  This not only motivates you and boosts your mood, it also sends a message to the Universe and makes sh*t happen.  Believe me, it works!


What are some strategies you use to stay organized and to help you reach your health and fitness goals?



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