My Fitness Journey – 12 Weeks Out

Prepping for a competition is not easy.  I never thought it would be, but I’m facing challenges I didn’t expect.

In mid-November, I came down with a real bad cold.  I was stuck in bed for a good 5 days, and it took 2 full weeks to have enough energy to get back to the gym.  During those 2 weeks, I also ate like sh*t because all I craved was comfort food and didn’t have the energy to meal prep.  As my cold finally came to an end, my home acquired a flea problem and to ensure that we got rid of them completely, I moved out for a couple of weeks.  Although the transition was stressful and tedious, I switched my view on it and treated it as a blessing.  It was a staycation for me, myself and I, with an opportunity to explore a different neighbourhood, AND it was minutes from both the gym and my work.  So that was that…a couple hiccups before my official prep began on December 1st.

With regards to my diet and mental state…for a couple months, as I ramped up to December 1st, I started getting intense cravings for both salty and sweet foods…like, INTENSE.  I couldn’t understand why I was giving into these cravings so easily, I had zero willpower.  I was still meal prepping consistently but I would be eating what was on my meal plan PLUS snacks and several treats even when I was full.  I gained 20 lbs since the Summer, and even though I saw it happening and knew I was moving in the opposite direction of my goals, I could not stop myself.  After investigating was going on, I discovered it was a mixture of an electrolyte imbalance, a hormonal imbalance, and then good ol’ stress eating.  Once I became completely aware of this, I weaned off the sweets and started controlling my cravings again.  It wasn’t easy though, it was actually really difficult.  It took the help of supplements from my naturopath to help balance my levels out again, plus support from friends and colleagues who made sure that I didn’t touch the sweet treats that are literally evvveerrryyyywhere during the holiday season, plus rebuilding my discipline within myself.

Another thing I realized is that I needed an in-person trainer.  I previously had an online coach and as much as I love and admire her, I need someone in closer contact.  Also, since it’s my first competition, in-person training and posing practice will be a lot more effective for me.  I’ve now hired my good friend, who likes to go by ‘Coach Phung’, as my trainer!  Since I’ve started working with him, I’ve become EXCITED (rather than stressed) about the competition again, and HOPEFUL (rather than defeated) to achieve amazing results over the next 12 weeks.

It’s incredible what the right style of support and guidance can do.  I feel completely re-motivated for my competition now.  I haven’t even been with him for a week and I’ve already seen progress towards my goals.  I feel a LOT more disciplined and focussed now…basically, I am game on.


I wish I had some amazing and inspirational progress pictures to share with you, since it’s been 5 weeks since my last post, but I don’t.  I fell off track, had some physical/mental/emotional challenges, and now I’m just starting to gain momentum again.  I want to be real with you, I want you to know that we all have downfalls and struggles, but it’s how we conquer them that matters.  Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut.  Seek support, surround yourself with the right kind of influence, write positive affirmations and reminders, prove to yourself how capable you are, and NEVER EVER lose hope.  You are honestly your only limitation, and though I write about how my coaches/friends/family/colleagues supported me (and have done an AMAZING job doing so), it was ME who took action in asking for the help.  Stay focussed on your goals and you will get there, regardless of what challenges may come your way.



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