The Poke Shop


There’s really nothing negative to say about The Poke Shop, other than it should be located closer to my home or work!  Unfortunately for me, it’s located in the heart of Gastown at 306 Water St.

The design of this restaurant is dope and I especially love the wall mural.  Their poke bar spans out all the way down the length of the restaurant, offering several bases, several proteins, and SEVERAL toppings.  What sets this place apart is the fact that they give you UNLIMITED toppings, you aren’t maxed out at 5 like other poke places.


I’ve gone a few times now and usually gravitate towards the same combo of items.  I typically get the purple rice and zoodles as my base, then the spicy salmon and ahi tuna for my protein, and then I’ll top it with wakame, beets, carrots, tobiko, masago, cucumber, corn, and pomegranate!…and now I’m officially craving it again.


Isn’t it beautiful?

I’ve tried a couple other poke restaurants that recently opened up in Vancouver.  They’re all pretty good and have their own individual style, but The Poke Shop is by far my favourite for ambiance, selection of items, and flavour.  Be sure to try their house sauce that’s packed with fruits and veggies!

Oh and they also offer Hawaiian inspired drinks that go really with that fresh bowl of poke!  So good.

As you can tell, I highly recommend this place and think it’s a must-try restaurant in Downtown Vancouver, so go check them out 😉




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