Essential Oils

It seems essential oils are becoming more popular lately…unless it’s just my obsession that’s growing!  Yup, that’s quite possible haha There are sooooo many uses for them and so many benefits!

Here are just a few:

Lavender – to relax, improve sleep, decrease stress and anxiety, promote concentration

Tea Tree – antibacterial, fights harmful organisms

Eucalyptus – antimicrobial, alleviates congestion, reduces headaches, relaxes muscles

Jojoba – heals wounds, improve skin appearance, reduces acne

Rosehip – corrects dark spots, hydrates dry skin, reduces scars and fine lines

Frankincense – anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, digestive, diuretic

Peppermint – alleviate headaches, nausea, indigestion

Grapefruit – supports metabolism and cellulite reduction

Sandalwood – natural aphrodisiac, improves energy

And then there are also really amazing blends out there that provide multiple benefits AND smell amazing, without irritating your nose like many perfumes and artificial smells do!

Keep in mind that some of the above benefits come from applying them topically, and some from having the smell dispersed into the air.  I absolutely love my Saje diffuser and the tranquil/happy/energetic (basically whatever mood I need) atmosphere it creates in my home.

What are your favourite aromatherapy scents and essential oils?



Extended Health Spree

It’s almost the end of the year and our Extended Health Benefits are about to expire!  I don’t know if it’s the Asian in me, but I totally love taking full advantage of my benefits…because why not??  It’s the perfect way to take care of yourself without breaking the bank, AND the professionals who are eligible for coverage are usually more educated and experienced.  For example, a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) at a clinic or spa usually provides better results than the average masseuse because they know the science behind all those moving muscles and joints.

Here are some places in Downtown Vancouver that I recommend, and also frequent myself.

SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic
#150 – 1152 Mainland Street, Vancouver

Why I love this place: I was going here regularly for their Dermapen (micro needling) service, to minimize my old acne scars.  I was greeted so warmly by all the staff (with perfect skin, I must add) every time I went, and although it’s a clinic, the atmosphere and treatments made me feel like I was at a spa.  What my wallet appreciated about SKN Clinic was that they offered monthly specials which grouped together services and products for a significantly lower price, AND there would often be packages paired with Cosmetic Acupuncture, which you could claim up to $99 through Extended Health!  Amazing, am I right?

Vancouver Sports Massage
#108-885 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver
Book online

Why I love this place: Camelia’s hands are magical.  Those were the words in someone’s reviews that convinced me to try her, and I have been seeing her regularly ever since!  She knows how to target issues and relieve tension in just one session.  Since I’m easily ticklish, I find it hard to find the right RMT…but she applies the perfect amount of pressure and leaves my muscles feeling completely relaxed!

Yaletown Wellness
878 Hamilton St, Vancouver

Why I love this place: This place offers awesome acupuncture services by Melissa.  She’s super knowledgeable and explains what each needle placement does.  They offer 3 types – one for health, one for weight management, and one for face.  I’ve tried all 3 now and can see them all offering benefits with regular visits.  Can’t wait to go back!

Other great paramedical services that we’re usually covered for:

  • Dental
  • Dietitian
  • Naturopath
  • Chiropractor
  • Social Workers

All of the above are great for self-care, so might as well take advantage of them if you’ve got ’em!

Where are some places you recommend?



Tony Moly Products




  • Fills in pores without clogging them
  • Creates a smooth canvas for your foundation
  • Helps keep makeup stay fresh longer


  • Don’t love the packaging, would prefer a pump or squeeze bottle
  • Hard to spread evenly, it’s like a thick paste



  • Refreshing
  • Doesn’t ruin makeup
  • Nice, light fragrance
  • One for each skin type
  • Cute bunny packaging


  • Some may be irritated by artificial fragrance
  • Not a significant result
  • Lid breaks easily



  • Nice, cooling effect
  • Soothes skin and helps with under eye puffiness
  • Cute packaging


  • Applicator is not the most sanitary



  • Does what it says
  • Good price for the quality


  • Some have a strong artificial fragrance



  • Nice, light fragrance (and lots to choose from)
  • Long-lasting smell
  • Cute packaging
  • Convenient to put in purse


  • Doesn’t feel that nice on the skin when applying



  • Feels very refreshing (similar to aloe gel)
  • Soothing on the skin
  • Anti-aging and hydrating skin health benefits


  • Strong artificial fragrance
  • A bit sticky, but eventually absorbs



  • Convenient pump bottle
  • Known to improve elasticity of damaged hair
  • Can be used in shower on wet hair or after shower on damp hair


  • Results are not noticeable

Have you tried Tony Moly products before?  Which ones are your favourite?


My Saje Wellness Haul


Picked up some new products from Saje recently and absolutely LOVE them.  All of the smells make me feel relaxed and happy, I just love breathing them in.

Goddess Natural Fragrance Roll-on Perfume
Consists of: sweet florals, uplifting citruses and rich vanilla.
Purpose: to connect us with our femininity, to uplift the spirits and to instill feelings of love, happiness and even euphoria.
My Review: It’s a nice light scent, not too overpowering.  If you like a stronger scent, you may need to reapply but I will happy with the strength.  And yes, it does make me feel a bit of euphoria 🙂

Goddess Euphoric Mist
Consists of: ylang yang, neroli essential oil, jasmine, and rose.
Purpose: helps balance hormones, instills feelings of peace and harmony, encourages feelings of confidence, and comforts the heart.
My Review: Similar to the Goddess roll-on above, and nice to use on my pillowcase.  I don’t see myself using this a lot but it a nice, happy scent.

Sweet Things Euphoric Body Lotion
Consists of: jasmine, rose, and sandalwood.
Purpose: same as Euphoric Mist but sweeter 🙂
My Review: Absolutely love this body lotion!  It’s light, spreads well, smells beautiful and moisturizes very well.  It consists of essential oils but does not leave your skin excessively oily, just nicely hydrated!

Muscle Melt Comforting Mango & Shea Body Butter
Consists of: sweet birch, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, and roman chamomile.
Purpose: help soothe and relax overworked, stiff and tired muscles while nourishing and hydrating your skin.
My Review: This body butter is very moisturizing but I’d recommend only using it before bed.  It’s very thick and the scent is stronger than the body lotion above.  It does a nice job at moisturizing, just a bit heavy/sticky for going out with.

Kiss Mint Breath Freshener
Consists of: spearmint, peppermint, and fennel.
Purpose: to freshen breath and revitalize the senses.
My Review: This breath freshener is great!  It’s not overly strong and shocking like Listerine or those other brands.  It’s very gentle yet does the job.  There are two different mint flavours, so you can choose based on personal preference.

Hope this helps with your next Saje shopping experience!  As I was getting these links for you, I noticed a few more items I’m already planning to get on my next visit…like the Sunshine Smoothie body scrub and some essential oil blends for my diffuser.

What are your favourite Saje products?


My Daily Beauty Regimen

…basically the products I use before stepping out the door.

Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm (primer)
$12 from Amazon

Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation
(I also REALLY love Arbonne’s Got You Covered Loose Mineral Powder, but I’m out of it at the moment)

Marcelle Face Powder

Hard Candy Eyes the Limit (eye shadow primer)
$6 from Walmart

Arbonne Eyeshadows

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Arbonne Pencil Eyeliner (Olive or Onyx)

Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Lash Booster Liquid Liner

Arbonne Bronzer

Arbonne Blush (Taffeta or Sunset)

it Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush

If you have any questions about the products I use, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

What beauty products do you love and use?


My Skincare Regimen

More product details and a few corrections to what I said in the video are below:

Acne breakouts – I just discovered this week that peanut butter is another cause of my breakouts so I’m going back to almond butter.

Marcelle Micellar Water – $20
(sometimes you can find it with 30% larger bottles for the same price or with a travel sized bonus gift)
Also, Micellar is pronounced “mi-cel-ar” haha Don’t copy my pronunciation from the video.

Thayer’s Lavender Witch Hazel Toner – $14
Recommended to me by my naturopath who has amazing skin. This can be found at most health food stores.

Nivea Q10 Serum – $14 for 2-pk from Costco

Skin Addix Daily Fix Serum – $65

Serums – Reverse what I said about how many pumps I use for each. Hehe, oops. Also, I think the Skin Addix serum is better quality not because of the price being higher but because of what it does and how it feels.

Skin Addix Mint Blast Tonic – $45
As mentioned in my video, it exfoliates. What I forgot to mention is that it also helps fight bacteria so this is great if you’re acne-prone.

Skin Addix After Glow Replenishing Oil – $65

Arbonne Calm Gentle Daily Moisturizer – $46

Essential oils – cost varies
Lavender is good for eczema and calming the skin, it’s tea tree oil that is good for acne. However, moisturizing with essential oils can help balance your skin to reduce acne breakouts.

Arbonne Clear Future Soothing Overnight Mask – $41

Arbonne RE9 Overnight Hydration Mask
Apologies, I just discovered this product is no longer available online but if you can somehow get your hands on it, worth trying!


Skin Addix – I mentioned Skin Addix a few times and I didn’t realize how many of their products I own and use regularly until filming this video. They’re available from the lovely ladies at SKN Clinic ( in Yaletown. Be sure to check out their monthly facial/treatment specials as some include products or can even partially be claimed by extended health! Amazing.

Arbonne – I also mentioned Arbonne a few times and I have a lot of their products because I used to do the business. It’s a prestigious vegan skincare company with a wide range of skincare, cosmetics and nutrition. I still love and use several of their products because they work best on my super sensitive skin. You can view all the products online at


If you have any questions about the above products or would like to share which skincare products work well for you, please leave a comment below 🙂 I’d love to hear from you!


Nivea Soft Cream & Lip Butter

I have a new love for Nivea products, guys!  Though I have only tried a couple, they have become my daily essentials.  I won’t bother listing the Pros & Cons like I normally do, because I have zero complaints about these products!


Nivea Refreshing Soft Cream (for face, body and hands)
This lightweight lotion can be used all over, from head to toe.  I can put this on before driving and it’ll absorb fast without any greasy residue.  And though this product isn’t natural or vegan, I like that it barely uses any ingredients so it will be more gentle and safe to use.  I have small travel sized ones in all my purses, and a big tub of it in my desk drawer.  It’s an amazing lotion, especially for a drugstore product.

Nivea Lip Butter
This lip balm is my holy grail!  I first discovered it at Dollarama (yes, a dollar store and for only $2!!) in December when my lips were hopelessly chapped.  I had tried several different lip treatments, including $9-35 ones from Sephora.  Some would work for a bit but then my lips got bad again.  It was the kind of chapped where they were red and burning…brutal.  I gave this Lip Butter a try because why not for $2…and it provided instant soothing!  By the end of the day, my lips were moisturized and had stopped burning.  Since then, my lips have not felt chapped once and they feel softer than ever.  Seriously.  I HIGHLY recommend this product.

What other Nivea products have you tried and which ones do you love?