How to Find Your Motivation

Anyone can get unmotivated at times, but it’s how we recover from the slump that matters!

Here are some quick tips to catapult you back into feeling MOTIVATED:

Write down your goals.  Don’t just think them in your head, physically write them down and post them up where you’ll see them daily.  This will be a constant reminder of what you’re striving for, keeping you laser focussed.

Celebrate the small wins.  Things can seem overwhelming, so instead of only aiming for a big end goal, keep in mind some smaller ones so you can celebrate and enjoy the journey along the way.  This will also help create momentum.

Choose your influences.  Surround yourself with things that lift your spirits and people who inspire you.  Read books/blogs, watch motivational videos, and listen to influential speakers…these are all at our fingertips on the World Wide Web.

Obtain an Accountability Buddy.  Reach out to someone who is willing to check in with you every once in awhile, and call you out when they notice you sliding…and vice versa.  Bonus if they have similar type of goals as you, but not necessary.

Check yo self.  Is your mindset in the right place?  If you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts and psyching yourself out, snap out of it and tell that inner voice to STFU.  You deserve to be awesome, and you deserve to do awesome things.

Know your ‘Why’.  Be crystal clear on it.  If you deeply know why you’re doing something, you will feel driven, excited, and like nothing can stand in your way.  Once you know your ‘why’, write it down.

Do what Nike says…and just do it!  Sometimes you just need to stop overthinking and just go for it.  Stop worrying/stressing/dreading/analyzing, and start doing.  Take that leap and go after the things that set your soul on fire.

Practice these tips consistently and soon you’ll notice the momentum you’ve built.  Things that used to be a struggle will become part of your natural routine.  This applies to all things – health, fitness, work, life, etc…

With all my clients, I encourage them to take control of their goals, which will increase their program adherence and enjoyment.  They set both process goals and product goals that excite them, which makes the journey that much more fun.

Feel free to contact me to bounce goal ideas off of.  I’m happy to support you!

And remember, if you happen to fall, that’s totally okay…you’re human!  Get back up, set your focus, and go after your goals once again.



I turn 30 today!


The big 3-0.  It has finally arrived.  Do I feel different?  No, not really…but every birthday is equally as special, as I excitedly look ahead to see what the next 365 days may have in store for me!

Guys, I had the most amazing birthday weekend.  Spoiled with thoughtful and generous gifts, fed incredibly delicious food, and showered with so much love by my friends and family.  It was an unbelievable amount of fun.  I celebrated at Bao Down Gastropub (twice!), and had birthday drinks & appies at Kuma Izakaya in Yaletown…both amazing places that I highly recommend.  Restaurant reviews to come 😉

Now that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my birthday celebrations and indulged in enough cheat meals to last me the month, I am ready to re-calibrate and get re-focused on my goals.

My 30th will be a year of TRANSFORMATION and finding a maintainable routine to allow me to lead a healthy lifestyle with ease.  When I look back to a few years ago to when I had just started working out consistently and learning how to eat truly healthy (not the “100-cal snack packs” kind of healthy, but the “whole foods, clean eating” kind of healthy), it’s mind blowing how far I’ve come.  Now I feel the withdrawal when I’m away from the gym for even just a couple of days, and I no longer crave the greasy or super artificial foods that I once did.  Everyone needs to start somewhere and with consistency/effort/time, you’ll see that it naturally becomes a new standard for yourself.  So never feel discouraged if you’re not where you want to be yet.  If you stay focused and take action, you’ll get there.

With that said, I am committed to:

  • train at the gym regularly, following my coach’s plan
  • meal prep and fuel my body properly
  • hydrate more (drink 4L of water/day when training)
  • pamper myself regularly as part of self-care
  • write weekly affirmations to attract more awesomeness into my life
  • compete in the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic (March 18th, 2017!!)
  • complete my ACE Fitness personal training course by March 2017

Be sure to follow my journey here and on Instagram @xosheenalouie!

I am more focused on my fitness and overall well-being than ever, and I’m excited to continue on my personal growth journey…mentally, physically, and spiritually!  It’s going to be amazing year.